Architectural plans in property advertising

An Architectural plans in property advertising is an increasingly common aspect of any home or office sale or let in the United Kingdom. They are being innovatively used as part of marketing strategies to make different types of buildings and properties stand out in an over-crowded, slow moving property market. A well designed, attractive and attention grabbing architectural plan, also known as a Floor Plan, can be the difference between getting viewings of your property and missing out on a sale or let.

Architectural plans in property advertising have been used for generations as tools for designing and constructing buildings ranging from vast Cathedrals to humble homes. In the past few years, however, they have found a new role as a useful marketing tool in order to sell the properties they have helped to build. In this capacity they have flourished, sparking creative, innovative new formats and using new technology impressively to really give lagging advertising the boost that it needed.

The original format of Architectural plans in property advertising was a standard, 2D piece of technical design. Focusing purely on the features and dimensions of the property, the 2D versions of the plans provide all of the physical information about the building and present it as a scaled drawing, accurately mapping out its contents and layout. This is great for advertising purposes as people can get a sense of how much space there is in the property and whether the layout is something which will appeal to them.

Modern uses of the architectural plan stems from the increased practice of 3D drawing and the constant development of new 3D technology. It is now possible for people to create visually stunning, while still informative, plans which can add an extra dimension to your advertising, no pun intended. When you place a 3D architectural plan online, you can even use specialist software to create 3600 views or virtual tours of your property. The more sophisticated the plans you can design, the more attractive and memorable your property is in the minds of the potential buyers and tenants.

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