2D Floor Plan Technical Details and Specifications

2D Floor Plans are essentially technical drawings which are produced in order to display the full dimensions and features of any property or building. While not primarily developed as a tool for selling or letting property, the housing industry has recently seen the advantages of their implementation and a 2D floor plan is fast becoming an unofficial requirement for marketing a property successfully. While there are two categories of floor plans, 2D or 3D, the core elements of the 2D floor plan are important to understand as they underpin the creative process of the plans and form a key element when presenting them to prospective tenants and homebuyers.

2D Floor Plans can be described as a map of your building but it is more technically seen as a drawing which is precisely scaled down so that you can see the exact dimensions of any spaces it contains. It is also drawn from a specific height (generally an aerial view of the ground from 4 foot), providing a cross-sectional view of the inside of the building whereas a map can be left somewhat to the whim of the cartographer. This view is known as an orthographic projection and it is a form of technical design that has existed for hundreds of years.

The dimensions provided in the 2D floor plan will include the size of any room or stairway in the property while the walls will feature windows and doors also scaled down to give an accurate representation of the property. Objects which can be detailed in the 2D floor plan could include interior hallways, large electrical appliances, fireplaces, restrooms and similar features. These technical details provide massive benefits for potential purchasers and tenants because they can see the full layout of the property in its present condition whilst also allowing visualisation of potential layouts to suit their taste.

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