2D and 3D Floor Plans: The Differences

There is one document that is currently taking the property industry by storm and is becoming an essential element of any attractive property advertisement, namely, a floor plan. Floor plans have become a consistent feature of marketing a property in recent years and if you want to keep up with, or stay ahead of, the competition then commissioning and acquiring your very own plan should be your number one priority.

There are two different forms of floor plan which can be used to market your property. These are the 2D floor plan and the 3D floor plan. Both of these options share the same core components and prove to be useful tools in selling or letting your property. Both types of floor plan are essentially technical drawings of your property. This means that every structural detail such as: room dimensions, hallways, number of rooms, restrooms, stairways, doors, windows, fire places etc. are all drawn to scale and placed on the drawing in their precise location.

The 2D floor plan is a standard orthographic presentation of the property, usually in monochrome black and white although occasionally presented in colour, and is similar to the plans which would have been made when the property was built. While this is a useful view of the property and provides important technical information, it can be a bit bland for those with a more creative and artistic flair. This is when the 3D floor plan comes into its own and provides the same details but in a picturesque fashion. The same layout is presented with all of the same information but is more likely to include decorations, furniture and, depending on the software, can include actual models of appliances used in the property. The 3D floor plan essentially combines the features of the 2D floor plan with pictures of the property and makes them available in a single, easy to read document.

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