What does a property inventory involve?

You may ask ‘What does a property inventory involve?’. A property inventory is a catalogue of the property and its contents. This could be Items such as doors, carpets, curtains, cupboards and radiators, which will all be taken into account. Usually it only consists of the main rooms, however, if needed a company can always include extra rooms if requested.
If your property has a garden, this will be included in the property inventory but the condition and contents will be from a layman’s point of view and not a professional gardener. This will also apply to other features in the garden such as sheds etc.

When a new tenant moves into a property, a record of the condition and the contents of the property should be made. This is a legal agreement and both the tenant and the landlord will sign the agreement. Photographic evidence is also used as part of an inventory, this is essential if any type of dispute arises between the tenant and landlord. Although for photographs to form part of the inventory for evidential purposes, photographs need to proven and agreed by all parties. Having a good property inventory will be able to show the state of the property at the beginning of the tenancy and a more detailed inventory will mean that it will be easy to resolve any potential disputes that could happen.

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