The MagnaClean Filter – How it works

Has your boiler been behaving strangely as of late and has been making loud noises? Have your radiators recently required bleeding more often than normal? If this is the case then get in contact with My London Tradesmen today. Following a power flush, it is highly recommended you get a MagnaClean filter installed into your boiler, in order to prevent further corrosion and rusting in your system. The installation will save you significant amounts of money in repair costs and in energy bills. So how exactly does the MagnaClean filter work?

Once installed into your boiler, the filter will prevent any unwanted metallic debris from re-entering your central heating system. The MagnaClean filter also looks to magnetise and eliminate existing undesirable material that lie within the system, most notably iron oxide. Iron oxide particles can cause corrosion, rusting and even blockages that may cause your pipes and valves to fail. If your entire central heating system is to breakdown then expect costly repairs. The installation of a MagnaClean filter will significantly extend the lifespan of your heating system and is guaranteed to prosper till the end of your boilers lifespan.

The job takes very little time to complete and following installation you will begin to see instant results. Due to health and safety regulations it is a legal requirement that your filter installation must be completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. That is why My London Tradesmen ensures that only the most reputable, most skilled and most efficient engineers are quoted to you.

My London Tradesmen is able to offer you up to three quotes of engineers who specialize in performing MagnaClean filter installations. It will be then up to you to decide which engineer is best suited to complete your job. Due to its simple installation and the minimal effort required on your part, the MagnaClean filter is by far the most efficient and effective method of preventing the reoccurrence of potentially damaging materials developing in your central heating system.

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