Tenants: Learn More about Your Landlord’s Responsibilities

As a tenant in a new domestic environment naturally you want to make sure that the property you’re living in is safe and that the appliances are working effectively. When it comes to Gas Safety your landlord is responsible for ensuring the security and maintenance of the gas appliances within the home.

The primary way for your landlord to ensure the safety of the gas appliances is to schedule appointments for regular cooker servicing and gas safety checks. According to the Gas Safety website a gas check outlines that an engineer will:

  • Check that the flue or chimney to make sure the products of combustion (fumes) are being safely removed to outside.
  • Check that there is an adequate supply of fresh air so the gas burns properly.
  • Check that the appliance is burning the gas properly.
  • Check that all safety devices are working properly and shutting the appliance off if a fault occurs.

Furthermore once the appliances have been classified as safe to use, the landlord will be given a (CP12) Gas Safety certificate. As a tenant you are also entitled to receiving a copy of the document. In an ideal world tenants wouldn’t have to worry about whether the gas appliances in the home are safe to use or not but there have been many cases in which landlord’s have neglected to maintain their gas systems and this has led to devastating consequences includes deaths, injuries and court cases. In some instances new landlords simply aren’t aware of gas safety regulations, in other cases landlords don’t wish to pay the expenses.

At Fitting a Cooker this doesn’t have to be an issue we can offer free quotes and competitive price packages. So if you know that the items within the property haven’t been serviced for over a year and your landlord doesn’t own a Gas Safety certificate then it is your right to make sure that they do.


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