Power flush System

A good power flush system is a heating system that has already had the honour of having a full power flush completed on it already. A power flush is simply a process which clears away any built up sludge that may be existing in your heating system, helping to bring the heating system back to a decent efficiency. Over time, the pipes, radiators and metals in your system can be corroded by the constant flow of water causing metal particles and rust and debris to become loose and build up in your heating system. This turns into sludge and can cause problems in your heating system. From noisy boilers to cold spots in radiators, there are a number of symptoms that indicate your heating system is affected by sludge and needs a power flush to become a power flush system.

A Power flush also goes hand in hand with a magnaclean filter. A magnaclean filter picks up any debris in your heating system when the water flows through it preventing the sludge from moving around the heating system and building up again. The magnaclean filter is the best power flush investment and with a magnaclean filter, it is highly unlike you will ever need another power flush in your lifetime. By attaching a magnaclean filter to a power flush system, you ensure that your heating system has the best protection.

To book in a power flush, install your own magnaclean filter or you simply require more information, please feel free to submit your job form below. We can get you a competitive price for your central heating power flush and even provide you with a free chemical inhibitor to prevent your heating system from corroding quickly.

Power Flush