Magnetic Central Heating Filter

If you are considering buying a magnetic central heating filter then I am sure that you are interested in learning a little bit more about the main benefits of this product. A magnetic filter is a simple and highly effective way of increasing the life expectancy of your heating system. At Gas Boilers Servicing we use the highly acclaimed MagnaClean filter. According to Chris Adey, inventor of the MagnaClean magnetic central heating filter, “since its launch in 2003, we have yet to have a single customer who has not been impressed and surprised by the product’s capabilities.” With its distinctive swirl chamber design, the MagnaClean is celebrated as a revolutionary product by experts in the industry.

The magnetic central heating filter allows your system to work at its best possible capacity. It traps sediment in the water that would otherwise prevent the smooth running of the system. If allowed to build up, this would coat the copper pipes in your central heating system, making them narrower and forcing the water to flow at a higher pressure. This means that your boiler has to work harder to pump the water around, putting it under increased strain and costing you more money. Furthermore, some of this sediment contains chemicals that will over time start to corrode the copper pipes, which if left to continue can be a dangerous problem. It is scientifically proven that even a small amount of debris can help prevent your system from working as it was designed to do.

One of the main advantages of the MagnaClean filter is that it is very quick for a qualified engineer to install. One of Gas Boilers Servicing efficient engineers can easily do this in the same visit as giving your system a power flush, saving you a call out fee! Our fully registered engineers will fit the magnetic central heating filter to a pipe close to the boiler. The MagnaClean compact yet powerful filter is designed to help extend the life of your boiler, preventing you from having an expensive replacement fitted.

To act now to prevent the accumulation of sludge, debris and magnetic particles call Gas Boilers Servicing on……to book an appointment to install a magnetic central heating filter today. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed our friendly and efficient service.

Magnaclean Filter