Magnetic Central Heating Cleaner

We all dust our windowsills, sweep our floors and vacuum our carpets. Why then do we not put the same amount of energy into keeping our central heating system clean and dirt-free by using a magnetic central heating cleaner? Just because you can’t see the dirt accumulating inside your boiler and radiator pipes doesn’t mean that it is not there. Indeed, although you may not see the physical evidence of this debris, you observe its effects on every higher than expected fuel bill you receive and every time you notice cold spots on your radiators. Furthermore, a boiler is one of the most expensive household items to replace, so surely you should aim to keep it in good working order?

The large majority of central heating systems do not have an in-built filter. This means that they have no protection against limescale and corrosion of the copper pipes. This can be a dangerous and expensive problem, and could even force you to spend a great deal of time and money buying a new system. Luckily, Gas Boilers Servicing has the answer for you. Our expert engineers can install a magnetic central heating cleaner for your system.

At Gas Boilers Servicing we are committed to using only the best products on the markets. For a magnetic central heating cleaner this is widely acknowledged by professionals to be a MagnaClean. A MagnaClean filter traps magnetic particles (such as iron oxide) and non-magnetic particles, leaving your system clean and free of sludge. The best thing about a MagnaClean filter is that once installed you can simply and easily maintain it yourself. Our informative engineers will be more than happy to show you how to do this during the fitting, completely free of charge! We assure you that you will be astounded by the amount of iron oxide and sludge that is removed from the filter.

If your system is already covered with limescale, rust and sludge we strongly advise having a power flush to clean out your entire system before installing a magnetic central heating cleaner. Many of our customers are already benefiting from lower fuel bills because their systems are running at optimum efficiency.

If you would like to book an appointment with one of our experienced engineers to install a magnetic central heating cleaner, or if you wish to simply receive more information on our various services, then please get in contact with us by calling us on……for a free quotation today.

Magnaclean Filter