Landlords Gas Safety Check

Are you a landlord? If so when was the last time you had a landlords gas safety check? If you have not had a gas safety check in the last year then you are most definitely due one! You might be thinking that this is an arbitrary procedure but it is actually illegal if a landlord does not have his or her gas appliances serviced annually. At the end of the day regulatory bodies cannot make checks on every landlord’s property to investigate whether or not they have organised landlords gas safety checks. But as a landlord, if you choose not to make appointments for regular gas safety checks you are effectively placing your tenants at risk of gas leaks and gas explosions.
Figures published on The Guardian from the Gas Safe website state that: “More than a third (41%) of tenants report that their gas appliances have broken down several times in the past five years, indicating that landlords aren’t taking their responsibilities seriously.” Worryingly, the research has found that: “50 people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning and 4,000 have attended A&E over a 12-month period. A further report into the state of the rental market reveals that 34% of people are living in properties which have out-of-date gas safety check records, with 14% of tenants claiming the last gas safety check was carried out more than 12 months ago.”

As a landlord you don’t have to be part of these worrying statistics. By actively carrying out the landlords gas safety checks you are protecting the safety and well being of your clients and also avoiding heavy fines and prosecution. So what are you waiting for? You can have your landlords gas safety check carried out by our 100% Gas Safe trained engineers. Our tradesmen are not only qualified, but they continue to keep up to date with their craft by enrolling in courses.

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