Installing Gas Hob

Friends and family often recommend dishes to try, stores to shop from and DIY handymen and engineers to hire for domestic jobs. When it comes to installing gas hob although their recommendations mean well it’s often not a good idea to take the recommendation of an acquaintance who’s referral includes a ‘low cost’ engineer. This is because ‘low cost’ engineers are typically unqualified when it comes to installing gas hob.

Additionally in this modern age websites also have begun to offer referrals but these sources cannot always be trusted either. In an online forum a member named ‘cuberider’ shares his experience of installing gas hob. He initially found an engineer on a website that recommends tradesmen.

He found an engineer who claimed that he would give him a free quotation on site. I’m sure we could all agree that this is a great offer however there was a cost to this free deal. Once the engineer arrived, cuberiders’ ‘great deal’ began to falter. He writes that: “He turned up the next day. Looked at the boiler and quoted £309 for the PCB with £90 for fitting vat inclusive. Sounded high so I said I would consider it and get another quote. The story changed and I was pushed into paying £30 for ‘diagnosing the problem’. I demanded a VAT receipt which he couldn’t supply – just a scrappy bit of paper with cost and job.”
Cuberider’s negative experience highlights the risks and scams involved with accepting online recommendations offering cheap deals. You may have heard the saying ‘It’s too good to be true.’ In most cases when it comes to cheap offers for installing gas hob it is.

At Fitting a Cooker all of our engineers are Gas Safe registered and carry their identification cards with them at all times. Whilst the cost may seemingly be more than that of an unqualified engineer it is important to note that scammer engineers may end up giving you unrealistic quotations as in the case of cuberider. So why waste your time and money on scammers?

Gas Hob Installation