How Your Cooker Can Be a Part of Big Energy Saving Week

That’s right. It’s officially Big Energy saving week! And to mark the occasion Fitting a Cooker wish to inform you of the most useful top tips when it comes to saving BIG energy to produce fewer costs for your household. Some tips include:

  • turn your heating thermostat down by one degree
  • use energy efficient light bulbs
  • switch lights off when you leave a room
  • don’t leave appliances on stand-by
  • unplug chargers when not in use

The above suggestions are widely recognized as the most utilised options when it comes to conserving energy but did you know that your domestic gas cooker can also contribute to energy conservation and money saving?

Gas cooker servicing can reduce your bills by making your gas cooker appliance much more efficient. If you have noticed yellow flames, uneven burning, wavy flames or partially non working jets, this suggests that food and debris must be removed from the burners and jets to allow the flame to return a well defined strong blue flame. These indicators signify the fact that more gas is being used to heat the food than what is necessary, and this causes a strain on your gas system.

By organising regular gas cooker servicing then you can reduce the cost of your bills, improve the efficiency of your appliance and help the environment by using your gas supply more economically. This is because is a clean and serviced cooker won’t contain blocked flues allowing the gas to pass through the cooker system much more fluidly so that there is less pressure on the system.

Energy conservation is a big issue in today’s world so who wouldn’t want to engage in an environmentally friendly practice whilst saving money at the same time? If you are interested in arranging a gas cooker servicing with one of our experienced Gas Safe certified engineers then please call us  or go to our website and log your details for a quick quote.

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