How Gas Cooker Servicing Can Save YOU Money

In recent times it can seem like the world has conspired to make your financial life increasingly difficult with the global recession of 2008 followed by the current double dip recession and the recent news from British Gas who have added a 6% increase to their gas and electricity charges, which equates to an annual additional cost of £80.00 a year! Naturally we are all trying to save money in a harsh economic climate. Brits have a tradition of budgeting which has become much more prevalent and this is evidenced in the marketing promotions and persuasive advertising from the companies in today’s market. Now more than ever, we are seeing promotional offers: ‘buy one get one free deals’ loyalty cards and increased incentives for customers to re-purchase from certain brands.

This influx of promotional deals is great for saving money when out at the shops but did you know that you can also save money by reducing the costs from within your home? One way of doing this is by having regular gas cooker servicing. Gas cooker servicing can reduce your bills by making your gas cooker appliance much more efficient. If you have noticed yellow flames, uneven burning, wavy flames or partially non working jets, this suggests that food and debris must be removed from the burners and jets to allow the flame to return a well defined strong blue flame. These indicators signify the fact that more gas is being used to heat the food than what is necessary, and this causes a strain on your gas system.

If you responsibly opt for a gas cooker servicing then the engineer will be able to improve the efficiency of your appliance by unblocking the flues in the system and clearing debris from the jets as well as checking that your gas cooker is secure and is not at risk of gas leaks.

Here at Fitting a Cooker we work with only 100% Gas Safe approved engineers. Our team of engineers have a wealth of experience when it comes to gas cooker installation and gas cooker servicing. So why not call to schedule an appointment.


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