Hob Install in M25

Are you currently in the process of shopping for a new hob? If so, we here at Fitting a Cooker understand that with an array of choices on the market it is difficult to identify which is the best hob for your home. Additionally the hob install process is also another consideration to take into account when purchasing a hob. This article will explore and inform you on both these aspects of the hob install method.

Nowadays the market has a large collection of hobs for consumers to choose from. These range from the gas on glass hob, ceramic hobs and induction hobs.

Gas on Glass Hob
The gas glass hob is a modern and stylish renovation of the traditional gas hob. A gas glass hob is essentially a gas hob fixed on top of ceramic glass. The ceramic substance shares properties of both glass and ceramic stone. Glass ceramic allows for the appliance to withstand high temperatures and quick temperature changes. It is also durable and long wearing; however because of its glass component it can be fragile so it must be handled with care. Another advantage of the glass hob is that is easier to clean than a conventional hob which is a lot more intricate in its design.

Induction Hob
Like its glass counterpart the induction hob is also a very sleek and stylish appliance that would compliment a modern kitchen design. The induction hob is a revolutionary cooking appliance as it uses electromagnetism. The electromagnetic field is created via the use of a pan (which must be made from iron) and a coil beneath the glass top. Electricity is transferred through a copper coil magnet within the induction hob, creating electromagnetic energy. Although induction hobs are cheaper to run they are initially the more costly option. You may also have to replace your pans if they are not made from iron.

Ultimately, although the array of hobs on offer can make your choice more difficult the hob install process doesn’t need to be with Fitting a Cooker. We have a team of Gas Safe certified engineers who are able to confidently execute a hob install.


Gas Hob Installation