Gas Hobs and Kitchen Design Trends

Post modernism has seen the market tailor itself to the individuals needs, from lifestyle inspired smart phones to personalised birthday cards. The domestic market has had a long tradition of evolving its stylistic trends. HGTV offers a top ten compilation of kitchen design trends some of these include: a high contrast black and white colour scheme, or neutral colour palettes to allow the homeowner to express their personality as well as architectural lines. Another keen trend for 2012 is integrated sink tops and gas hobs.

The smallest gas hobs are referred to as ‘domino hobs’ and are usually 30cm in width. They can be just a single wok burner or a two burner gas hob. Domino models are very versatile as you can combine them in a work surface with an electric ceramic or induction hob. Traditional gas hobs are 60cm in width and have 4 burners. The latest and most popular finish is glass with a stainless steel trim. This combination looks very modern and has an easy to clean surface, but shows up grease very quickly compared to steel or white hobs.

A major part of the gas hob installation includes the soldering of the copper pipes to connect the gas outlet and the gas hob. As you can imagine this is a very delicate task and requires the utmost expertise and experience. At Fitting a Cooker our engineers are selected on the basis of their experience and skill regarding household duties including gas hob installation.

Although there are so many ranges and models of the gas hob. Fitting a Cooker only work with Gas safe registered engineers who have vast experience when it comes to the gas hob installation process. So no matter whether you choose a domino hob or a standard one then we can assist you. Our engineers operate in the London, Greater London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire area.


Gas Hob Installation