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In an increasingly competitive market it can be difficult to find reliable gas cooker engineers. Today’s marketplace is saturated with engineers; the ‘cowboy engineer’ has recently surfaced in correlation with the downturn in the economic climate. You may be confused as to what a ‘cowboy fitter’ actually is. A cowboy fitter can be termed as an illegal tradesman working without permission from a regulatory body. Cowboy fitters implementing gas appliances are especially dangerous as it is mandatory for any individual working on gas related jobs to be approved by the Gas Safe register (formerly known as CORGI).

Here are a few points to spot cowboy fitters:
• They do not possess the Gas Safe identification card.
• They provide inaccurate quotations which often increase the pricing of equipment and specific
• Alternatively, they often attempt to undercut the prices of Gas Safe engineers as an attempt to compensate for their lack of training.
• They are not punctual or may not turn up for the appointment in favour of prioritising a higher paying job.
• Cowboy fitters often lack the experience and knowledge concerned with gas appliance fittings.The Mirror online draws statistics from the Gas Safe register report stating that: “Households are wasting £100 million a year putting right the 250,000 gas jobs botched by cowboy fitters.” Furthermore, incorrect fittings can cause gas leaks in appliances.

As these points show, there are great risks associated with employing a ‘cowboy fitter.’ So you have to ask yourself with these points in mind is the ‘cowboy fitter’ really the wisest option. When it comes to gas installations safety must always be the first priority no matter what the cost. Luckily with Fitting a Cooker services the cost is very reasonable and for a competitive deal you are entitled to Gas safe certified engineers and a speedy, thorough and professional service. All of our gas cooker engineers are Gas Safe registered and carry their identification cards with them at all times as proof of their certification, so you can rest assured that our gas cooker engineers are 100% legal and qualified.

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