Gas Boiler Maintenance

There are several things you can do in order to have good gas boiler maintenance. Gas Boiler maintenance is vital if you want to pro long the life of your boiler and avoid boiler breakdowns and expensive repair costs. One gas boiler maintenance service you can obtain is a boiler service.
A boiler service consists of a gas safe registered engineer checking all of the components in the boiler to check if it is functioning properly and is not deemed a risk. During a boiler service, the gas engineer will fix any minor faults that may arise to prevent the minor faults turning into major faults in the future. This can prevent future breakdowns and costly repairs, saving you money.

Another gas boiler maintenance service is a full central heating power flush. A power flush gets rid of built up debris and sludge in the heating system by using chemicals and a high velocity power flush machine to help dislodge the sludge. When sludge builds up in the heating system, it can block vital parts of your heating system causing heating problems and can even lead to boiler breakdown. By ensuring you have a power flush, you can prevent sludge being a cause of your central heating problems.

A MagnaClean Filter is a good investment after a power flush to help promote Gas Boiler Maintenance. It attracts all of the loose debris running through the heating system and stores it in a compartment that can be emptied. This protects your power flush investment by ensuring any corrosion made after the power flush does not build up again and turn into sludge.

To book in your own gas boiler maintenance, simply submit your job form below to receive quotes from reputable engineers in your local area. We will find you the most affordable quotes leaving you with a choice of who you want to choose to carry out your gas boiler maintenance service.

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