Flushing Central Heating Systems

Are your fuel bills higher than they should be? Does your boiler stay on for hours, costing money and wasting gas before you can warm up your house? Do you have a poor supply of hot water in your home, making it hard for you to have those hot showers in the morning and relaxing baths in the evening that we all enjoy?  If so then Gas Boilers Servicing has the solution for you. We have skilled engineers and very specialised Kamco machines specially designed for flushing central heating systems and ensuring that they work properly once more.

For flushing central heating systems Gas Boilers Servicing uses a process called power flushing. This procedure involves pumping water and special chemicals through the pipes in your system to remove the sludge, iron oxide (rust), dirt and limescale which have built up over the years. We pump the fluid at a high velocity in controlled conditions. However, we keep the pressure low so that power flushing is suitable even for old pipes which may be fragile. Flushing central heating is an excellent long term investment as it will prolong the life of your system and at the same time reduce your fuel bills!
Flushing central heating systems is widely acknowledged as being the best and most effective way of keeping your central heating system in excellent condition. At Gas Boilers Servicing we have exceptionally high levels of customer satisfaction, for example, Robert Phillips from Edgware praised our “competitive rates” and was pleased how we fitted in the appointment around his busy schedule.

Gas Boilers Servicing has a large team of certified engineers that cover London, Greater London, Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Surrey. Flushing central heating systems is something which our hardworking engineers do on a daily basis, so they are experts in their trade. If you are interested in finding out more information about flushing central heating systems then please call us on….to speak to one of our friendly advisers for further information or to book an appointment today.

Central Heating Flush