Duel Fuel Cooker Installation

Are you in need of a dual fuel cooker installation ? But you are unsure of the difference between a single standing gas cooker and a duel fuel cooker? If you have little or no knowledge of the dual fuel cooker installation process then we can help! Although both appliances look very similar a dual fuel cooker distinguishes itself from the standard free standing gas cooker because it operates on both gas and electric. Dual fuel cookers are becoming increasingly popular within UK households as they are very energy efficient and offer two methods of heating. For fast heating, the hob portion of the appliance can be used. Additionally, the electric oven is favoured by many as it provides more even cooking.

Now that you’re aware of the primary differences between the free standing cooker and the duel fuel cooker; you can gage the key elements of a duel fuel cooker installation. A duel fuel cooker installation requires an adequately ventilated room. Connection to the cooker should be made with an approved appliance flexible connection. A length of 0.9 to 1.25m is recommended for the gas pipe hose; however it varies in accordance to the specific appliance. This gas hob pipe connects the hob system to the gas supply.

Additionally, electric cookers come without a power supply cable. The cooker is designed to operate on an electricity supply which conforms to the electrical data shown on the Rating Plate. The cooker can be connected to the mains only after removing the back panel of the cooker itself with a screwdriver.

Due to its complex nature a duel fuel cooker installation should only ever be installed by a Gas Safe approved engineer as they have the knowledge and safety awareness with regards to this procedure. At Fitting a Cooker we only ever liaise with qualified engineers who are experienced in duel fuel cooker installation.

Dual Fuel Cooker