Dual Fuel Cooker Fittings

In this modern age of existence, we are exposed to an unprecedented number of choices. Now you don’t have to choose between an exclusively electric or gas powered cooker, but in fact you can have both. This is known as the dual fuel cooker. With a dual fuel cooker you can get the best of both worlds; this type of cooker features an oven space that is electrically powered, this allows food items to be cooked more evenly. On the other hand the gas hob enables fast heating for those in a hurry.

Those in need of a dual fuel cooker fittings are advised to have this installation professionally done as it can potentially lead to an improper installation which could leave the resident at risk of gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. We here at Fitting a Cooker are able to provide you with Gas Safe registered engineers who will be able to complete your dual fuel cooker installation. With a dual fuel cooker installation the electrical connection will need to be hardwired into an electrical point whereas the gas hob will need to be connected to the gas supply via a flexible gas hose pipe which is fitted with a bayonet attachment to ensure a secure connection.

It can be said that the unprecedented number of choices we are exposed to does not limit itself to the types of cookers available to us but also the number of engineers we can select from.  Because of the duality of the dual fuel cooker installation it is strongly advised that you stay clear of ‘cowboy fitters’. These cowboy fitters are often unqualified and improvise complex installations. With Fitting a Cooker you can rest assured that all of our engineers are Gas Safe registered and always keep their identification cards with them as proof of their certification.

If you require a duel fuel cooker installation why not make the safe choice and get in contact with us,  where we can give you a free quote and offer you a competitive rate

Dual Fuel Cooker