Domestic EPC SW1 Pimlico

If your SW1 Pimlico property has high energy bills or you are looking to move out of the area; you should have a Domestic EPC. The Domestic EPC is a form of Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) designed for residential properties and is a legal requirement for any property deal in the United Kingdom. It is also a useful tool to have to see how your property is performing energy wise as it details the property’s current efficiency rating while providing suggestions and recommendations for improvements. If you install these recommendations then your bills can only go one way; spiralling downwards. This gives you more money to spend on creature comforts and luxuries so that you can have a very merry 2013.

Domestic EPCs have become a standard part of the property industry and are a legal requirement for any house sale or let agreement. They have been designed and implemented as a way to try and improve our energy efficiency and reduce the amount of wasted energy we produce annually. The recommendations mentioned above play a vital role in this as, while not a requirement to implement, they are recommended cost-effective energy saving methods which will reduce your energy bills in the long run. Most of the improvements listed in the Domestic EPC will be eligible for the new Green Deal Scheme which removes all up-front costs, allowing whoever resides in the property, either tenant or permanent resident, to pay off the cost of the improvements through the reduced energy bills.

There may be a few properties exempt from a Domestic EPC in the SW1 Pimlico area of London. These exemptions are if your property is one of the following:

  • A recognised and official place of worship;
  • A temporary building planned for 2 years use or less;
  • A detached building less than 50m2;
  • Or an unsafe property scheduled to be demolished.


It is recommended that you check with the necessary bodies if you feel that your property may be exempt from Domestic EPC requirements. If your property is used for commerce, you have not escaped the EPCs and instead need to have a Commercial EPC commissioned.

If you are selling or letting a property in SW1 Pimlico or would just like to save some money, fill in our online form requesting a Domestic EPC and My London Tradesman will contact companies on your behalf. You will then be given up to 3 quotes which will help you decide which tradesman to employ to carry out your Domestic EPC assessment.

All of the tradesmen we recommend have received up to date training and are fully registered with the necessary bodies. We only recommend trustworthy and reputable tradesmen.