Domestic EPC NW10 Willesden

If you are about to place a residential property in NW10 Willesden on the market for sale or rent then you need to have a Domestic EPC. The Domestic EPC is a legal obligation for anyone who wants to sell or rent a property in the United Kingdom. It must be obtained before you market the property and significant fines can be issued for failure to produce one. These fines can reach up to £5000 and are issued by Trading Standards Officers who will also require you to get the Domestic EPC as well.

The reason why you must have a Domestic Energy Performance Certificate for your residential property in NW10 Willesden is that the government introduced them as part of the now repealed Home Improvement Packs (HIPs) back in 2004. This was done in an effort to cooperate with various international efforts to reduce greenhouse gasses and improve the energy efficiency of the world’s largest countries. After the Kyoto Protocols on climate change, the European Union passed the European Union Directive 2002/91/EC in 2003 to get member states involved in reducing our impact on the environment. The solution which the British Government arrived at was the Energy Performance Certificate and it is still a legal requirement today.

The actual Domestic Energy Performance Certificate has undergone a few changes recently. These alterations are essentially cosmetic, but it has led to a much more detailed Domestic EPC than before. Possibly the most improved aspect is the wealth of information about the benefits you receive from making the energy improvement changes recommended for your property in the report. You gain a clear sense of how cost efficient your property is compared to how efficient it could be and the amount of money you spend.
The focal point of the Domestic EPC is the bar chart. This gives the score your property received and rates it according to similar properties in your area. The higher up the chart and the nearer to the green A score then the more energy efficient your property is and the more money you save. Alternatively, the nearer the bottom of the chart and the nearer the red G score, the worse the efficiency score. If you are around the G grade it is strongly recommended that you implement at least some of the recommended improvements, not only for the environment but for your wallet as well.

To get your Domestic EPC before you market your property in the NW10 Willesden area of London, fill in our online form and My London Tradesmen will contact companies on your behalf. You will be supplied with up to 3 quotes to help you find the best tradesman to employ to carry out your Domestic EPC.

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