CP12 Gas Safety Certificate

Keeping up to date in an ephemeral society has never been easier thanks to online technology. News, current affairs and other information have all become much more accessible thanks to the internet. Keeping up with such changes is an important part of enriching your knowledge. And when it comes to Gas safety knowledge having an awareness of the updates in the system is key to ensuring your safety. For Instance did you know that the original Gas regulation board in the UK (CORGI) has now been replaced by the Gas Safe board? In addition to this the CP12 gas safety certificate is now known simply as the Gas Safety Certificate since the introduction of the Gas Safe Register. Significantly, customers and industry professionals alike still use the term CP12 to refer to the updated Gas Safety certificate title.

Even though it goes by a different name the CP12 Gas Safety Certificate still essentially represents the same thing. A CP12 Gas Safety Certificate signifies that the property owners’ gas appliances have been serviced and inspected accordingly and the gas appliances are officially safe to use. Furthermore, if you are a landlord then it is a legal requirement for you to own a CP12 Gas Safety Certificate in the interest of your tenants’ safety. Failure to arrange annual gas appliance servicing could result in prosecution and heavy fines.

So why put yourself in a position of illegality? If you are a landlord you are lawfully bound to the protection of your tenants. If you haven’t had a gas appliance servicing in the last year then now is the time to do it. Fitting a Cooker have a team of Gas Safe approved engineers who are able to thoroughly and speedily service your appliances. We operate in areas of London, Middlesex, Greater London, Hertfordshire and Surrey.

Gas Safety Certificate