Cowboy engineers are not a Halloween Treat!

Tomorrow is officially the day of the dead, All Hallows Eve, or what many of us refer to as Halloween. It’s that time of the year where we’ll be seeing an array of spooky costumes, great horror film releases and of course – the trick or treating. When it comes to gas hob installations there are certain tricksters that you have to be aware of. These tricksters are widely known as ‘cowboy engineers’. Whilst they may not be wearing the costume these guys are definitely swindlers. Although cowboy engineers may be fit to work on household jobs such as plastering or painting, when it comes to gas hob installations and other gas related work this batch of engineers are not licensed to perform these jobs.

By law all gas engineers operating in the UK must be Gas Safe registered. This accreditation qualifies the engineer to undertake gas related jobs. Once the engineer has been approved by the organisation they are then awarded with a Gas Safe identification card.

What makes these cowboy engineers particularly appealing is their low prices. A Gas Safe engineer may be slightly more costly than a cowboy fitter but this is a justified cost as gas safe engineers pay a lot of money for the Gas Safety course which is a combination of highly practical and academic content to warrant them the knowledge to work on gas hob installations and other gas related work.

So don’t be fooled by the cowboy tricksters. Here at Fitting a Cooker all of our engineers are Gas Safe certified and have extensive experience when it comes to gas hob installations. Furthermore our engineers continue to educate themselves in order to maintain an understanding of currents trends in technology.

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