Central Heating Plumbing

We all enjoy coming home from work to a warm and cosy home, and take for granted having hot water for a relaxing bath. However, unless you take care of your central heating plumbing these things that we all take for granted might stop working as efficiently.

Over time sludge, limescale and other sediment can build up in the pipes of your central heating system. This can cause numerous problems, including cold spots on your radiators, loud clunking noise in your boiler and an inconsistent supply of hot water. As it builds up this sludge will make the pipes in your system narrower, meaning that the water has to flow under higher pressure, increasing energy bills. However, by having one of our expert engineers at Gas Boilers Servicing give your central heating plumbing a power flush this sediment can be effectively removed.

A power flush is widely acknowledged by experts in the industry as being the best way of keeping your central heating plumbing working at its maximum capacity, and of preserving its life expectancy. A power flush works by having one of our expert engineers connect a machine to your system, which pumps water and chemicals through your pipes, dislodging any sludge that has built up. Once this has been done your pipes will be clean and work efficiently once again.  If you wish to prevent stressful breakdowns in your central heating plumbing then book a power flush with Gas Boilers Servicing.

A power flush could increase the efficiency of your central heating plumbing by up to 70%, which will significantly reduce your energy bills. Our prices at Gas Boilers Servicing are extreme competitive, and we always have special offers to take advantage of. At Gas Boilers Servicing we have a large team of professionally qualified engineers who will be happy to work around your schedule and find a time which is convenient for you. So why not take the easy step today to safeguard the future of your central heating plumbing. To find out further information and book your appointment today please contact us on…

Central Heating Flush