Central Heating Magnetic Filter in M25

Central heating systems are expensive, some costing thousands of pounds to buy and install. It is therefore vital to keep them working as efficiently as possible and to try and ensure that they are kept in good running order. If you wish to save money on fuel bills and guarantee that your boiler works for as long as possible you are in need of a central heating magnetic filter.

At Gas Boilers Servicing we have a large team of professionally trained and highly experienced engineers throughout London, Greater London, Middlesex, Surrey and Hertfordshire who can install a central heating magnetic filter in your home. This process is quick and hassle free and we have extremely high levels of customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Gas Boilers Servicing can easily fit appointments around your schedule, making the whole process as convenient as possible for you. One of our friendly advisors can even book an appointment on a weekend or bank holiday!

At Gas Boilers Servicing we use a central heating magnetic cleaner called MagnaClean. Designed by Neil Johnson, the MagnaClean is widely acknowledged to be the best product on the market and is acclaimed for its highly successful filtration unit. This central heating magnetic filter is capable of removing both non-magnetic and magnetic particles which get trapped in your pipes. If these debris are not removed they will build up in your pipes over time, creating blockages and making your pipes narrower, meaning that the water is forced to flow under higher pressure. If this happens, not only are your hot water supply and heating less effective, but increased energy usage causes higher fuel bills. Once fitted a central heating magnetic filter is easy to clean and maintain, so there will be no need for expensive maintenance.  Our polite and helpful engineers will show you how to do this after they have installed it for you.

We advise having a power flush of your whole system before installing a central heating magnetic cleaner to make sure that your system is as clean as possible. At Gas Boilers Servicing our prices for a central heating magnetic cleaner are extremely competitive. We also offer a range of other services, including carbon monoxide alarms and gas safety certificates. To find out more about how you can best protect your system please contact us on…..

Magnaclean Filter