What is a Power Flush?

You may be wondering what is a power flush? A power flush is when harmful limescale, sediment and iron oxide (rust) is removed from your pipes. This process usually takes anywhere between four and eight hours, depending on the number of radiators your property has. This article shall explain if you need a power flush, the process, and detail the advantages it can have for your system.

Why would you need a power flush?

  • Boiler making strange banging noises
  • Radiator leaks
  • Dirty radiator water when they are bled
  • Boiler keeps on cutting out
  • Poor or inconsistent supply of hot water
  • Central heating system slow to heat up

 How does a power flush work?

  • A powerful Kamco machine is connected to your system
  • This flushes water and chemicals through your pipes, removing harmful sludge
  • Your pipes are left clean and debris free
  • We can fit a MagnaClean filter to your system to prevent the future build up of debris
  • Our friendly engineer will show you how to clean out your magnetic filter

What are the advantages of having a power flush?

  • Increased efficiency of your central heating system
  • Lower fuel bills
  • Your system will work at full capacity once more
  • Easy to get a warranty for a new boiler
  • Twelve month guarantee

Hopefully this article has answered any questions you may have on what is a power flush. However, if you do have any further queries, or want further information about what is a power flush, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team. Gas Boilers Servicing also offers a range of other services, including carbon monoxide alarms and gas safety certificates. Our prices are extremely competitive and we frequently have special offers available, to ensure that you always get a good deal.

Power Flushing