Gas Safety Inspection Certificate

A gas safety inspection certificate is a legal requirement for any property and they are valid for a year, so the gas safety inspection certificate must be renewed annually, or you will be illegally using the gas in the property. The gas safety certificate can only be completed by a gas safe registered engineer, as it is illegal for an engineer that has not been gas safe registered to complete a gas safety inspection.

During the process of getting the gas safety inspection certificate, the engineer will show his identification and will ask for your permission to carry out the following checks. They check for any damage to the appliance and to the pipe work while making you aware of any problem that could occur to these parts before the inspection, they will complete a series of visual and/or operational checks and tests to the gas appliances and the pipe work, they may also carry out a visual risk assessment on appliances. The inspection may include a building regulation compliance if gas safe register has issued a building regulation compliance certificate.

What the customer has to do is make sure that there is a responsible adult present during the inspection, also it would be handy to have the manufacturer’s instruction booklet ready, otherwise the engineer will have to visually assess the gas appliance, but they may be unable to complete the operational checks or tests on the gas appliance.

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Safety Certificate