Gas Hob Installation

No gas hob installation should take place in the hands of an individual who is not Gas Safe registered. An engineer who is appropriately qualified and trustworthy would not be defying the law and putting lives at risk with poorly fitted appliances. Gas Safe engineers have dealt with gas hob installations for years, therefore have been developing their skills over time; with the addition of training courses to keep their professional skills up-to-date. Gas hob installation instructions are provided once a new hob has been purchased; however these are to be referred to by the engineer to ensure the job is completed successfully and correctly in accordance with the manufacturer and Gas Safe regulations.

Before installation, there should be enough space for the gas hob to be installed into the worktop. The position of the hob should additionally be at an adequate distance near the gas supply valve, so that piping can connect the two. For gas hob installation specifically, copper piping, not a flexible hose, provides a rigid connection that wouldn’t fall out of place accidentally. Before the procedure, the gas supply would be turned completely off and would only be switched back on again once the hob installation is complete. The engineer will test the appliance after the connection is made, to ensure there are no defects or gas leaks. If there were to be a gas leak, it means the appliance is not fitted properly and could release poisonous Carbon Monoxide in the air. Appropriate steps to rectify the situation would be taken immediately.

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