The Process of Flushing Central Heating Systems

When you are flushing central heating systems, you are essentially eliminating all the unwanted sludge and deposits which lead to inefficiency within the central heating. As the water circulates, it causes rusting inside your central heating system. This results in corrosive hydrogen and iron oxide sludge formulating inside the pipes and radiators. Over time sludge accumulates further as the water circulates inside the systems. The process of flushing central heating systems will get rid of the sludge accumulated and dramatically increase efficiency of your central heating.

Flushing central heating systems can be a quick and effective process when done by professional engineers. The qualified engineers use a Power Flushing machine when flushing the central heating system. The machine is first attached to a convenient place in your system – usually the radiator tails. Water and a specially formulated chemical cleansing agent it next pumped throughout the system at a high velocity and low pressure. While flushing central heating systems, the engineer will keep the pressure low to ensure no damage can occur. When all the sludge and deposits are removed, further clean water is pumped in so only clean pH neutral water remains in your central heating system. The process usually takes between 4 to 8 hours depending on the size and condition of your central heating system. Following flushing the systems, you can also have a MagnaClean Filter installed which will help maintain the clean water inside the central heating systems.

The unwanted sludge and deposits inside the radiators and pipes can cause common central heating problems. Does your radiator leak? Or do you have cold spots on your radiator? Or unpredictable water temperatures? Perhaps you have noticed strange noises coming from your radiator? If it is a yes to any of these questions, then your central heating system is not working at its optimal level! Flushing central heating systems can contribute to your central heating returning to its optimum efficiency and reinstate your home as a place of warmth and comfort.

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