The PAT Tester

What is the PAT Tester ?

The PAT Tester could refer either to  a fully qualified engineer who is responsible for carrying out Portable Appliance Testing in residential and commercial properties and for musicians and performers who use electrical equipment as part of their act; or it could refer to the actual PAT Testing Machine which conducts the electrical assessment of your appliances.

Why do I need The PAT Tester?

You are required to make sure that all electrical safety inspections are carried out by a person who is competent to do so. This does not mean anyone who is reasonably intelligent can perform the test, but it refers specifically to people who have been thoroughly trained to recognise electrical faults and dangers in appliances. If you are having a PAT Test, it must be conducted by a fully qualified PAT Tester or the results are invalid.

What happens in a PAT Test?

During a PAT Test, The PAT Tester will perform a series of inspections of all of the electrical equipment which they have been booked to check. These investigations will consist of external examinations of the appliances, checking for signs of damage to the casing, flex and plug. The PAT Tester will also look at the wiring and the fuse in the plug head to make sure everything has been set up correctly and with the proper fuse. They will then use a PAT Testing Machine, also known to some as a PAT Tester, to check all of the appliances’ internal components for signs of normal electricity flow and to make sure no overheating has taken place.

What sort of appliances do PAT Testers inspect?

Some of the most common items which The PAT Tester will inspect are everyday household or office appliances which are used every day. They can also perform PAT Tests on a variety of musical equipment too. The list of PAT Test eligible equipment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Microwaves, Fridges and Electric Kettles;
  • TV’s, Monitors and PC’s;
  • Photocopiers, Printers and Scanners;
  • Amps, Microphones and Speakers;
  • Electric Guitars and Keyboards etc.


While not a comprehensive list, this gives you the general idea of which pieces of electrical equipment in your property or that you use in your musical performances can be assessed for safety by a PAT Tester.

How can I arrange for a PAT Test in my property?

To get the PAT Tester to inspect the electrical appliances in your London property, fill in our online form and My London Tradesmen will contact companies on your behalf. We will supply you with up to 3 quotes from reputable PAT Testers in your area, giving you the freedom to choose which one you want to trust your safety to.

All of the tradesmen we supply quotes from have received up to date training and are registered with all the necessary bodies. We only recommend trustworthy and reputable tradesmen.

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