The EPC: What You Need to Know

The EPC: What You Need to Know and more. EPCs are currently vital when it comes to letting, managing or buying or selling a property.What is the EPC?

The EPC: What You Need to Know, or Energy Performance Certificate, is basically an assessment of your property and the way in which it uses your energy. It lets you know how efficient, or inefficient, your property is compared to others of a similar type. This gives you a fair assessment of how much money you are spending compared to how much money you could be saving on energy bills.

The EPC: What You Need to Know! Why does my property need the EPC?

You need to have the EPC for your property when you are about to either sell or let it to new tenants or owners. This is a legal requirement due to legislation in both the British and European Parliaments which aims to reduce the amount of wasted energy we produce. If you have not had an energy efficiency test carried out on your property before, it might be a good idea to have the EPC in order to see where you stand in terms of energy rating and discover how much money you could be saving.

What is in the EPC?

The EPC contains a variety of information about the energy efficiency of your property. It also includes recommendations for improvements to your property so that, if they are implemented, your property will use energy more efficiently in the future. There will also be a report of the CO2 emissions created in your property and a detailed analysis of where the most inefficient areas of your property are. The most recognisable feature of the EPC is the bar chart which features the energy efficiency rating of your property. This must be supplied with any property advertisement you take out according to new government regulations.

The EPC: What You Need to Know! How do I get the EPC for my property?

In order to get an Energy Performance Certificate for your property, simply fill in our online form and My London Tradesmen will contact companies on your behalf. You will then be supplied with up to 3 quotes, leaving you free to make an informed decision regarding which tradesman to employ to complete the EPC in your property.

All of the tradesmen we provide quotes from have received up to date training and are registered with all the necessary bodies. We only recommend trustworthy and reputable tradesmen.