Radiator flushing

You may have heard the term radiator flushing and wondered what that is. Radiator flushing is sometimes a term used for the process known as Power Flushing or Power Flush. Here at My London Tradesmen, we recommend radiator flushing if you have noticed a dramatic reduction in efficiency in your central heating system.

You are probably wondering how you would know if your central heating system is not working efficiently. Radiator flushing is an easy and simple solution to common problems to the central heating system. If you have noticed irksome problems such as strange noises from your boiler, a leaky radiator, cold spots on your radiator or even fluctuating hot water temperature, your central heating is not working efficiently. This happens over time when the continuous flow of water in the system causes corrosion in the radiator and pipes. The corrosion leads to a build up of hydrogen and iron oxide sludge inside the radiator and pipes preventing the water from flowing properly throughout the system.

Radiator flushing or performing a power flush will help bring the system back to an optimum level of functioning. A qualified heating engineer will carry out the radiator flushing using a power flushing machine. The engineer usually attaches the machine to the tails of the radiator and pumps the system with water and a specifically formulated chemical agent. After the system has been purged of sludge, the engineer pumps the system with further clean water and neutralising crystals to bring the water back to a neutral pH level. The process of radiator flushing usually takes 4 to 8 hours depending on the size of your problem and radiators. We would also recommend for you to have a MagnaClean Filter installed after the radiator flushing to reduce a build up of sludge in your system again.

Not only does radiator flushing bring the central heating back to an optimum level of functioning, it also prevents complete breakdown in the imminent future and lowers your gas bills. If you are in need of a radiator flushing, simply fill out the online form below. My London Tradesmen will contact various companies on your behalf and provide you with three quotes at competitive rates to choose from. Get in contact with us today and your central heating problems could be a thing of the past!

Power Flush