Power flushing central heating

Power flushing is a very simple and affordable service for your central heating system. It consists of an engineer making sure that your system is free from all sludge and iron oxide building up in your radiator and boiler during the times you need it most.

What happens to your central heating is that irritating sludge made from iron oxide and rust builds up over time because of the hard water that is always running through your central heating appliances. With a power flush, you can say goodbye to all those build ups because your system will be cleansed of loose debris that stops it from working.

When you get a power flush done, a qualified engineer will connect your central heating to a power flush tank and pump chemicals into your system at a low pressure level. This will corrode all metallic particles that build up in your system and then neutralise all your water to make your property perfectly safe.

Power flushing isn’t very expensive and can only take a few hours to complete – but for full protection all year round, My London Tradesman also recommends you invest in a magnetic filter installation. These act as the best insurance for a power flush because it keeps all magnetic and non magnetic particles from building up in your system again.

If you think you need servicing, want to talk about your boiler and radiators or want someone to talk to about the cost of power flushes, just contact the My London Tradesman website. Fill in our application form and we will find the best people in the business to talk to you.

Power Flush