Power Flush in E11 Leytonstone, East London

If you have noticed increasing problems in your central heating, we recommend you have a Power Flush in E11 Leytonstone, East London performed to your system. Disrupting problems with the central heating system such as cold spots on the radiator, a leaky radiator, strange noises from your boiler and fluctuating hot water temperatures are symptoms of a central heating system which is not functioning properly.

When a Power Flush is performed, a qualified engineer is required. The engineer attaches the power flushing machine to the radiator tails of your E11 Leytonstone, East London home. The engineer will then pump water and a specifically formulated chemical cleaning agent through the central heating system to expunge it of accumulated sludge and iron oxide deposits. These deposits build up inside the system due to the constant flow of water and prevent the central heating working at its optimal level. Once the sludge and deposits are removed, the engineer will flush the system with clean water to bring it back to a neutral pH level. After having a Power Flush in E11 Leytonstone, East London, we recommend you also have a MagnaClean Filter installed. The installation is a quick and easy process and an excellent preventative measure. The filter stops the corrosive sludge and deposits from building up inside the central heating system again.

We can provide quotes if you require an annual boiler service for your E11 Leytonstone, East London property. During the service, an engineer will perform a thorough inspection of your boiler’s key components, looking to fix any fault if possible. To book a Power Flush or any of our other services and you live in the E11 Leytonstone, East London area, fill in our online form below. We will contact various companies on your behalf and provide you with three quotes to select from.

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