Power Flush

If having a warm and energy efficient home is something that is important to you, then you may be interested in having a powerflush. Even if your heating system is old it can be restored to its optimum performance if harmful sludge and slime is removed. You will be amazed at the results of a powerflush.

You’re in safe hands at Gas Boilers Servicing, unlike some other tradesmen, we are known for being punctual and reliable. We offer two hour timeslots to ensure that you are not sat around at home all day waiting for us to turn up. Ben Humphreys from Notting Hill was very happy with the service we provided: “Phoned last thing the evening before and managed to get an appointment for the following day, not many companies boast a 24- 48 hour turn around service and actually keep to it…most impressive.”

Our engineers use only first class equipment for performing a powerflush. This includes using Kamco machines, which are connected to the tails of a radiator or the circulator pump couplings. Kamco machines mean that there is no need to disconnect your radiator to clean out your system. Instead, the powerful machine flushes water and chemicals through your radiators, removing corrosive debris. Some people use smaller descaling pumps; however, these are not powerful enough to effectively flush your radiator pipes.

Gas Boilers Servicing offers a first class service and a twelve month guarantee. Our engineers have years of experience and are equipped to deal with all kinds of heating systems.

Power Flushing