Portable Appliance Testing E9 Homerton

Even with the technological advances of the age, people are still left virtually powerless when it comes to keeping electrical appliances in a safe condition. Due to age and general wear and tear, appliances do not always stay as safe as they were when they left their respective factories. Ending up in your E9 Homerton property could be a faulty electric kettle, TV or fridge that sparks fires, causes electrocution, or even death. Fortunately, regular Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) carried out in your rental or commercial property can save lives and homes from the dangers of faulty electrical products by keeping them in check.

You might be a landlord who consistently provides appliances with their property when they are let out to new tenants. This is a very generous and kind thing to do but you must make sure you are providing safe equipment when you do so. It is against the law to supply untested equipment with a let and if an accident were to occur because of it you would be held to account. It is strongly recommended that you get Portable Appliance Testing to prevent finding yourself in this position.

Portable Appliance Testing is a simple and effective measure of combating unsafe electrical appliances. PAT Testing includes detailed inspections of the internal and external components of the appliances, as well as considering the safety of the area which the appliances are being operated in. After these inspections your appliance will either be passed or failed. If your appliance fails then it will be decommissioned and cannot be used again.

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