Plumbing and Heating – the essentials

Whether you are a homeowner or renting or lodging, you will know that all homes require servicing to its plumbing and heating. Here at My London Tradesmen whatever predicament you are in with your plumbing and heating we strive to provide the service you require. We provide a wide variety of plumbing and heating – the essentials services.

If you have noticed problems with your boiler, then you may be in need of our plumbing and heating – the essentials services. Annually servicing your boiler will lead to an efficient boiler and lower gas bills. It could also prevent lethal and dire carbon monoxide poisoning to the residents of your home. Plumbing and heating services for your boiler may be required if you have noticed a build up of soot in your appliances. Other irksome issues with your boiler will include unusual sounds from the boiler fan and a different colour than usual in your boiler flames. During the half hour boiler servicing, the engineer will inspect, clean and fix all components of the boiler.

Alongside the annual boiler servicing, we can help you with any other plumbing and heating – the essentials services for your boiler. Whether you want to replace a faulty boiler, fix broken components, conduct a safety check or update your whole central heating system, the engineers we provide are highly qualified and experienced for the job.

Here at My London Tradesmen, not only do we provide plumbing and heating services for your boiler, we can assist you with all your central heating needs. If you have noticed a reduction in the efficiency in central heating, it is usually as a result of a build up of sludge inside the radiator and pipes of your system. Many customers choose to use our Power Flushing service and find their problems to be a thing of the past. When the engineers we provide performs a power flush, they purge the central heating system of the build up sludge to bring it back to an optimum level of working. Other plumbing and heating services we provide is the installation of a MagnaClean Filter onto your boiler, which will prevent further build up of sludge in the central heating components.

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