PAT Test WC2 Strand

If you are a Landlord or business owner in WC2 Strand, you could be accidentally violating Health and Safety legislation by not having your electrical appliances tested regularly. Fortunately, organising a simple, yet comprehensive, PAT Test of your WC2 Strand property can save you from legal difficulties should an incident occur.

PAT Tests are not a requirement in their own right; they are simply the best way to make sure you are complying with electrical equipment legislation regarding the safety of electrical appliances in the workplace and in domestic accommodation. If an incident were to occur and you had not had a PAT Test, or any other form of electrical testing for that matter, carried out in your property then you would be held liable for any damage, injury, or loss of life that could occur. Electrical appliances can develop faults over time, and regular PAT Testing can help counter this threat.

A PAT Test consists of two simple stages. Initially, there will be external checks carried out on your appliances. This will include visual inspections of appliance casing, the chords, the plug casing and the plug wiring for and damage or areas which could cause a fault to develop. There will also be a check of the immediate environment surrounding the appliance, looking for anything which could be hazardous if the appliance is used in its current location. The second phase will be internal inspections of the appliances, checking whether the components are performing properly and not over-heating. This will require a PAT Testing Machine to be used on your appliances and for a qualified PAT Test engineer to carry out the inspections.

To make sure your electrical appliances in WC2 Strand are compliant with current legislation, fill in our online form requesting a PAT Test and My London Tradesmen will contact companies on your behalf. We will then supply you with up to 3 quotes, allowing you to reach an informed decision regarding which tradesman you want to employ.

All of the tradesmen we provide quotes from have received up to date training and are registered with all the necessary bodies. We only recommend trustworthy and reputable tradesmen.

PAT Test