PAT Test E11 Leytonstone

If you are a landlord or business owner and your property is located in E11 Leytonstone, you should seriously consider having a Portable Appliance Test (PAT Test) conducted in your building. You might also consider having a PAT Test if you reside in E11 Leytonstone yourself; after all, the electrical safety of your appliances is not a laughing matter.

PAT Tests are not a legal requirement. There is a great deal of confusion spread on the internet regarding this issue, yet rest assured, there is no single piece of legislation which mandates having Portable Appliance Testing on your electrical appliances. In fact, the PAT Test was designed in reaction to the legislation to make sure all electrical appliances that are inspected comply with the current safety standards. It really is the most comprehensive check of electrical appliances in your E11 Leytonstone property you can have.

The actual PAT Test is a two layer inspection of your electrical equipment. The first part of the PAT Test is an external inspection of your appliances which will look for any damage to the casing, flex chord or plug which could cause an injury to occur. It will also feature an inspection of the wiring of the plug and also that the correct fuse has been used. The PAT Tester will also look at the environment the appliances are used in, checking that they are not hazardous and are as risk free as possible.

The final aspect of the PAT Test is the internal testing of the appliances. The PAT Tester will connect them to a specially designed PAT Testing Machine which will run a series of electrical tests to see just how well the components of the appliance are working. This will highlight any faults, or potential faults, within the device and is the one section of the assessment which you cannot keep a regular check on yourself. Only appliances which pass both sections of the test will be allowed to be used again, if they fail they are decommissioned.

If you need to check the safety of your portable electrical appliances in your E11 Leytonstone property you can begin the process of getting a PAT Test by filling in our online form. My London Tradesmen will then contact companies on your behalf, returning to you with up to 3 quotes. From these quotes you will be able to reach an informed decision regarding which tradesman you want to employ to complete your PAT Test.

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