Magnetic System filters

Magnetic system filters are the number one installation to keep your central heating clean and free from breakdowns. They are inexpensive to put in and have a very successful history of keeping properties warm during the cold winter months. Magnetic system filters are what My London Tradesman suggests you look into if you want to keep your central heating at its best for as long as possible.
The most common cause of breakdowns in your heating system is sludge and debris building up in your pipes and boiler. Magnetic system filters have a special magnetised mechanism that can detect both magnetic and nonmagnetic particles that is left from the hard water in your system. They are very simple installations and do not malfunction easily. A magnetic system filter can be installed by an engineer in less than ten minutes and only needs cleaning once a year.

What makes magnetic system filters a great investment is that there are no running costs, and they can be purchased at affordable prices. The brand My London Tradesmen recommends is Magnaclean. Their latest release: the Magnaclean Professional 2 can be fitted easily and only takes a few minutes to clean each year.

It is recommended that you have a magnetic system filter installed after you have a power flush on your central heating. The addition of a filter to your power flushed system is that you can keep your energy bills down and your central heating system running well without having to call in an engineer constantly. Power flushes can take up to 8 hours whilst cleaning a magnetic system filter only takes a few minutes at most.

If you think your system needs seeing to, or want some more advice on magnetic system filters, just contact My London Tradesman. Fill out our online application and we will get back to you with quotes from experts whom you are free to contact for help.

MagnaClean Filter