Magnetic system filter

The most common cause of central heating system malfunctioning is debris building up inside your appliances. If your boiler is making weird noises or your radiator is colder than usual, you probably need them seen to. And one of the best treatments for these annoying build-ups is a power flush with a magnetic system filter.

Magnetic system filters are very simple installations that won’t let your property down. A magnetic system filter detects the metallic particles in your water. These are the causes of debris build ups as hard water carries millions of metal particles that block pipes and damage your appliances. When the magnetic system filter is installed it will pick up all the debris deposited and keep your heating system flowing at its best pace.

Magnetic system filters are very easy to install. The latest release, the magnaclean profession 2 takes an average of two minutes to be installed by an engineer. They are also inexpensive with no running prices. At My London Tradesman, we want the best deals that don’t cost you bundles in the long run. Therefore we always advise you to consider a magnetic system filter to keep your system working.

The filters don’t require any major skills to maintain either. All you need to do is drain the filters once a year which is ideal housekeeping for anyone who owns more than one property or is always busy.
If you’re having any problems with your boiler or radiator or think your heating system needs checking out – just come to My London Statesman. Fill out our online application form and we will consult the best engineers of the trade. We will then give you the best quotes from our contacts then leave you to decide.

MagnaClean Filter