Magnetic Filter

It’s the winter months and the last thing you want is for your central heating to break down. Most of the time, central heating systems suffer from build ups of sludge and rust that are made of metallic particles found in hard water. One of the best solutions to this problem is a magnetic filter for your system.

Magnetic filters are magnetised filtering upgrades that detect any kind of build ups in your system. Installation is very simple: an engineer applies the magnetic filter to your boiler or radiator system and it will begin its job immediately.

Magnaclean, the leading brand of magnetic filters, have just released the magnaclean profession 2. On average, this magnetic filter takes only 2 minutes to install and has been recommended by experts as the best choice for keeping your system running. You can save a lot of money with a magnetic filter because you won’t need a power flush every year. Instead, just clean the filter once a year and your water system will be kept running at its best. The life span of an average central heating system has been proven to last longer with a magnetic filter installation.

At My London Tradesman, we want what’s best for your property. And that means magnetic filters are our choice of keeping your system alive and well for longer. If you think you need your system looked at, just visit our website and we will find the best people in the business to offer you a deal. Just fill out our online application form and we will go to the best engineers in the business. We then send you quotes of our contacts and leave it up to you to decide who offers the best deal.

MagnaClean Filter