Magnetic Filter System

The most common cause of central heating breakdowns is ferrous metallic oxide. These are metal particles you find in hard water – the same as lime scale that builds up in your shower and kettle. Knowing how bad these build ups can be, only the best solutions must be found: and My London Tradesman has the answer: magnetic filter systems.

Magnetic filter systems are very simple add-ons to your central heating. They take only a few minutes to install and can keep your appliances running at their best for years to come. Experts recommend them as they can detect and prevent metallic and non-metallic particles building up in your system. Magnetic filter systems will prevent your boiler making noises and your radiators going cold in the winter.

Once installed, a magnetic filter system can clear your system within minutes. All you need to do after installation is clean the filter system once a year; this is very simple too as the kit provided will include a key to empty the system and a guidebook on what to do. A magnetic filter system can prolong the life of your central heating and keep your energy bills from reaching high costs.

At My London Tradesman, we urge all our customers to consider a magnetic filter system installation. We can put you in touch with experts who will tell you all there is to know. And if you want one installed or your system checked out – no problem.

All you need to do is go to our website and fill out our online application form. We will then get back to you with quotes from those best for the job and leave you to decide who offers the best deal for you.

MagnaClean Filter