Magnetic Filter for Central Heating

We all know how important central heating is in the winter months, so we know you want it running well and not breaking down. A good solution to the problems your central heating system faces is a magnetic filter. A magnetic filter for central heating protects your radiator, boilers and pipes from terrible build-ups of sludge and dirt that forms in your appliances because of hard water.

Magnetic filters remove all ferrous materials from your central heating. If your radiator isn’t warming up when it should or your boiler is making strange noises – then you may need to get them checked for blockages. As most particles that cause build-ups in your central heating are magnetic, magnetic filters are specially designed to detect both magnetic and nonmagnetic materials. The dirt and sludge sticks to the filter and only needs to be cleaned out once every year.

Unlike other ways of keeping your central heating alive, you don’t need to buy any add-ons for a magnetic filter. The filter works alone in keeping your central heating free from sludge build-ups. Plus, there is no history of fluid loss when using a magnetic filter. Your central heating is left functioning when your water is kept neutralised. A typical magnetic filter has been known to keep central heating systems alive and well for over 20 years.

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MagnaClean Filter