Magnetic filter for central heating system

We all know your central heating system is the most important thing for your property in the winter months. At My London Tradesman, we can recommend magnetic filters as the ideal solution to all problems you face with your central heating system.

Magnetic filters are simple installations that take no time to install and don’t have running cost. All you need to do is pay up front once you order it. We recommend that you get a magnetic filter installed after you have a power flush on your central heating system – because then you will have fresh neutralised water and all will be kept safe of irritating sludge building up in your system.

Unlike a power flush, you don’t need to clean your system constantly and the whole thing is less expensive. Once installed, all you need to do is clean the magnetic filter once a year. When you clean your magnetic filter, you can see just how effective it is on your central heating system by how much dirt and sludge is caught in the filter.

One of the best brands we can recommend is Magnaclean. Their award winning magnetic filters are at the forefront of the central heating market and can keep you warm during the coldest of months and keep your energy bills from rocketing.

If you think your system needs looking at or you want to talk to an expert about your central heating – just contact the My London Tradesman website. Fill out our online application form and we will go to the experts for all you need. We will then give you some quotes and let you decide the best deal for you.

MagnaClean Filter