Magnetic filter for boiler

Is your boiler making funny noises? Are your radiators going cold when they should be warming up? Are your energy bills rocketing to a sky high level and you don’t know why? Then maybe what you need is a magnetic filter for boiler or central heating system.

Boilers and radiators suffer breakdowns caused by rust and iron oxide building up as sludge in your pipes. This is caused by hard water – water that must be filtered to keep your system running at its best. A magnetic filter for boiler doesn’t just detect and stop magnetic particles building in your system, it can stop nonmagnetic sludge blocking your boiler too.

Magnaclean, the manufacturers of My London Tradesman’s choice of magnetic filter, have just released the magnaclean professional 2. This is a magnetic filter that takes less than 2 minutes to install and keeps your boiler functioning at its best for longer than estimated – plus your energy bills will be lower as you won’t be using as much gas and electricity to stay warm.

My London Tradesman recommends you get a magnetic filter for boiler installed after you get a power flush done. The power flush will remove all unwanted sludge and then the new magnetic filter will keep your boiler clean and free of debris. Magnetic filters are also cheap and take no continuing payments.

If you want to know more about magnetic filters for your boiler and system, feel free to contact us at My London Tradesman. Just fill out our application and we’ll put you in touch with the experts. We’ll find the best engineers for the job and let you decide who the best deal for what you want.

MagnaClean Filter