Magnetic Filter Boiler

Is your boiler performing badly or making weird noises? Are your radiators refusing to warm up when you want them to? Then your central heating is most likely suffering a blockage caused by annoying build ups of sludge in your system. And My London Tradesman knows just how to deal with these sorts of problems: take a look at the magnetic boiler filters on offer.

Magnaclean boiler filters are the leading brand of magnetic filters on the central heating market at the moment. Since their release in 2003, they have had an excellent track record of service. In 2010, magnaclean was awarded the Corgi award for central heating maintenance and in 2012 received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation. Magnaclean boiler filters are very easy to install and only need cleaning once a year.

What sets magnaclean’s magnetic boiler filters apart from others is that they detect and prevent magnetic and nonmagnetic ferrous particles from blocking your central heating. At My London Tradesman we can find you the most qualified people to install your filter and carry out professional power flushes if you require one of them too. It is advised that you get a magnetic boiler filter installed after you have a power flush.

Magnetic boiler filters from magnaclean are also among the cheapest on offer. Think your system needs servicing or want more information from experts about magnetic boiler filters? Just visit My London Tradesman’s website and fill out our online application form. We will then send you the best quotes from the experts and let you decide whom you want to talk to.


MagnaClean Filter