Magnaclean is the leading brand in the world of magnetic filters. Their high functioning installations can keep you and your property warm throughout the winter months and keep your energy bills at a low cost. Only with magnaclean will you get one of the best deals that My London Tradesman will always suggest to customers.

Magnaclean recently released the magnaclean professional 2. It’s the latest generation of magnetic filters that rids your heating system of irritating sludge and rust. On average the magnaclean professional 2 takes less than five minutes for an engineer to install and only needs to be cleaned once a year. This will leave you knowing your system is functioning well and doesn’t need constant maintenance.
We at My London Tradesman usually advise you have a magnaclean filter installed after a power flush – but you can have one any time of the year to make fully sure you’re system is kept in quality conditions. Magnaclean will keep your system running at its best and will prolong its life for longer than you would have estimated.

Magnaclean filters do not use any chemicals that could harm your water. They simply have a magnet inside them which detects all unwanted metal particles that can build up as sludge in your boiler and radiator. Once installed, all you need to do is empty the filter once a year – which is simply done by taking out the filter and cleaning it with a simple cloth.

Think you need your heating system seen to or want to know more about magnaclean? Just go to My London Tradesman and fill out our online application form. We will get in touch with the best people in the business then leave you to decide the best deal.

MagnaClean Filter