Magnaclean Professional

The magnaclean professional is the most reliable of filters on offer to help you with any central heating problems. Here at My London Tradesman, magnaclean professional filters are what we want everyone to have fitted to stop any build ups of debris and rust in your boilers and radiators.
Plus, to make things even better, the magnaclean professional has just been released. This version has been tested by professionals who conclude it gives maximum debris protection, improved valves, and is easier to install. We want what is best for you and so we recommend the magnaclean professional as your choice of service.

Each Magnaclean professional will provide you with the best protection against build ups and will keep your system running for longer and at a cheaper cost. If you haven’t had one installed, we would suggest you have one put in with a routine power flush, which we can also offer at a great price. All of our installations are done by professional engineers who know their trade and are Gas Safe registered to work on your central heating.

The magnaclean professional is incredibly easy to look after. Just take it out and clean it once a year after it has been installed. Your boiler and radiator will be fully insured and won’t need regular power flushes.

If you think you could do with a magnaclean professional filter, or want more information about recent releases – just visit My London Tradesman. All you need to do is fill out our online application form and we will send you quotes from the best engineers in the business to put you in touch with the best deals. All you need to do is decide whom you think offers the best deal for you.

MagnaClean Filter